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Starting NILD Programs in Schools and Private Practice

Webinar Overview

In this webinar, you will learn the steps needed to begin an NILD program in a school setting or to open your own private practice. We will discuss the best practices and the important steps necessary to build a successful program.

About Your Instructors:

Nana Campana, PCET
Nana is the founder and director of The Paper Tree House which is designed to help students with learning difficulties. After 15 years as an educator, her career as an educational therapist began when it was discovered that both her daughter and son struggled with ADHD and anxiety. Since then, it has become her passion to serve as a catalyst to reform education one student at a time. She is a professionally certified educational therapist and a certified therapeutic art facilitator committed to break the belief that learning disabilities have to be permanent and that students have to forever struggle. She is driven by her belief that everyone is able to learn to thrive and master the skills needed to leave their mark on this world. Nana owns her own private practice in Miami, FL where she provides therapy programs as well as professional development for schools, organizations, and parents. She is committed to leave no stone unturned in her pursuit of empowering struggling learners to become competent and independent. 

Teressa Voltz, PCET
Teressa felt led by God to her current school after retiring with 30 years of experience from the public-school world where she was a teacher, reading specialist, English language arts director, curriculum associate director, and assistant superintendent. Even with a Master’s Degree in Reading and a Doctorate in Executive Leadership, she had no idea what the letters of NILD meant much less how to begin a program at a school that never had an intervention program in the past. Through wonderful teachers and mentors, she is now the director of a successful NILD program in its fifth year at a private school in Texas.

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