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The Brain: Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools

Webinar Overview

Emerging research in the neurological and cognitive sciences offers promising possibilities to inform and enhance the teaching and learning process. Translating this research to practice, however, is often challenging for educational practitioners. This presentation will offer teachers and administrators practical application of research from the learning sciences through the lens of the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model—an instructional framework based on the tenets of research-based effective instruction. We will examine ways in which the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model supports meaningful integration of the arts and review recent research findings by the Johns Hopkins research team.


  • Describe themes in brain research that can inform educational practice consistent with the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model.
  • Describe how emotional and physical learning environments affect learning.
  • Identify themes in brain research that educators can apply as they design instruction; teach for mastery of content, skills, and processes; design activities to apply and extend knowledge through creative problem-solving; and evaluate learning.
  • Identify specific classroom strategies to improve teaching and learning through the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model including integrating the arts into content instruction.

About Your Instructor:

Mariale M. Hardiman, Ed.D
Mariale M. Hardiman, Ed.D. Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Education Director, Johns Hopkins University Neuro-Education Initiative, Past principal - Roland Park Elementary/Middle School, Baltimore, MD. Author of books and book chapters including: The Arts and Creativity: From Research to Practice (2019, in Contreras-Vidal, Ed); From STEM to STEAM (2018; in Steward, Eds); Education and the Arts: Educating Every Child in the Spirit of Inquiry and Joy (2017, Canestrari & Marlowe, Eds); Brain-Targeted Teaching for 21st Century Schools (Corwin Press, 2012); “The Creative-Artistic Brain” (in Mind, Brain, and Education, 2010); Neuroeducation: Learning, Arts, and the Brain (2009); Connecting Brain Research with Effective Teaching: The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model (Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2003);

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