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The Modern Management of ADHD

Webinar Overview

We will review updated information on the prevalence, diagnosis, nature, and etiology of ADHD, emphasizing strong modern interest in executive dysfunction in its many forms. There will be a brief review of medication management, but the major management emphasis will be on assisting those with ADHD and those in their support system with the scaffolding necessary to ameliorate symptoms. We will discuss changes in support needs through the developmental process and close by highlighting the role technology may play in the future. We will also address such age-old aids to ADHD symptom relief as sleep and exercise.

About Your Instructor:

Dr. John D. Ball, ABPP
Dr. John D. Ball, ABPP is a clinical neuropsychologist and Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Eastern Virginia Medical School where he spent 35 years engaged in patient care, classroom teaching and clinical supervision for both medical students and doctoral clinical psychology students, and research. He has published over 50 professional papers, and I am currently Editor-in-Chief of Perceptual and Motor Skills. He is also a member of the Virginia Board of Psychology, a longstanding trustee and chair of the Education Committee at Chesapeake Bay Academy, a small k-12 school in Hampton Roads for children with learning differences, and recently co-founded a start-up company called Xentive Corporation, to augment executive dysfunction with mobile technology.

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