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The Neuropsychology of Stress, Trauma, & Emotional Dysfunction

Webinar Overview

This webinar will explore the neural underpinnings of stress, trauma, and emotional dysfunction in children and its relative impact upon learning. Environmental deprivation, poverty, childhood abuse, witnessing violence, and parental neglect can impact both cognitive and social-emotional development in children. Schools can enhance emotional wellness through early prevention efforts, appropriate assessment strategies, and an improved learning climate to foster emotional growth for all students. The presentation will conclude with a discussion on how educators can become “trauma-informed” to better meet the diverse needs of learners. Specific classroom accommodations, school-based interventions, and targeted instructional strategies will be shared.

About Your Instructor:

Steven G. Feifer, D. Ed., NCSP, ABSNP
Steven G. Feifer, D. Ed., NCSP, ABSNP is an internationally renowned speaker and author in the field of learning disabilities, and has authored seven books on learning and emotional disorders in children. He has nearly 20 years of experience as a school psychologist, and was voted the Maryland School Psychologist of the Year in 2008, and awarded the 2009 National School Psychologist of the Year. He is a diplomate in school neuropsychology, and currently works in private practice at the Monocacy Neurodevelopmental Center in Frederick, MD. Dr. Feifer serves as a consultant to a variety of school districts, and is a clinical supervisor in the KIDS, Inc. School Neuropsychology Post-Graduate Training program as well. He has authored two tests on diagnosing learning disabilities in children; the FAR and FAM, both published by PAR.

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