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Working with Home School Families: Marketing, Getting Buy-In, and Supporting for Success

Webinar Overview

Homeschooling, as an educational choice, has seen significant growth in 2020. A growing number of parents are taking the responsibility of educating their children at home. This undertaking leaves many of us wondering about the philosophy and logistics of this endeavor. 

Research has revealed that home education is a viable education alternative. Many homeschool families have embraced the goal of inspiring their children to discover 'how-to-learn' not 'what-to-learn', and thereby opening up the world of discovery learning. 

Homeschool families also have the opportunity to dig deep to source specific resources to target the varying needs of their children. As NILD Educational Therapists, we can be a source of support for these homeschool parents when they meet the bumps on their educational journey. 

Diane will discuss the benefits of homeschooling particularly for our students that learn differently and how NILD Educational Therapy can support parents in this educational choice.

About Your Instructor:

Diane Geerlinks, ECE-DH, PCET

Diane Geerlinks, ECE-DH, PCET, has taught children of all ages and abilities in groups and one-on-one. Her teaching experiences range from homeschooling her own 5 children to teaching children with learning disabilities, visual and auditory processing difficulties, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and developmental delays. In 2009, Diane trained as an NILD Educational Therapist and has since continued to pursue her passion for learning with particular focus on the neuroplasticity of the brain and how we can improve our capacity for learning at any age. Diane is director of GeerLINKS Educational Therapy & Consulting and Director of Marketing for NILD Canada.

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