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Featured: Rx Reading: Standard - EST

06-27-2024 | 08:00 AM (EDT) | Virtual | $710.00

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The training is designed to model how to weave these components, which we call “strands of language” into a language braid that is comprehensive, constructive, and creative.

Once the Rx for Discovery Reading: Standard training is completed NILD educational therapists and classroom educators will be able to work with students in a one-on-one situation or in small groups and effectively and efficiently develop decoding and encoding skills in their students.

1. General: Successful completion of this workshop will enable educators to use evidence-based strategies to further develop the literacy skills of 4th-12th grade students.

  1. Specific: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  2. Understand how to develop students’ literacy thinking and learning using a structured literacy approach, mediated learning, cognitive functions, and corrective feedback
  3. Understand how NILD’s cognitive literacy approach addresses the literacy needs of English Language Learners and ACE students (academically, culturally, and economically diverse students)
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of fluency factors and how fluency develops reading comprehension skills
  5. Situate the Gray Matter Literacy technique and materials within the research-informed best practices to develop students’ literacy abilities
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of morphemes and how to develop students’ morphological knowledge to build vocabulary and reading comprehension skills 
  • There are no prerequisites BUT there are asynchronous learning activities to complete before the live training day as well as required materials to purchase. Download the workshop syllabus for more information.